Top 10 Accessories Man Needs

“Accessories”,  those amazing outfit additions that help set ‘you’ apart from other dudes. Think about the t-shirt or pants that you’re wearing now . There are hundreds of other dudes that are wearing the same thing which pretty much makes you an average.

Wanna get out of this average zone? Well it’s your lucky day cause today I’m going over 10 accessories that will make you cooler than ever  and help you get those hot chiks around you.




Let’s assume that you have a charcoal grey suit because of it’s amazing , sexyness and  versitality. Add a BLACK TIE and OMG you just took your style and sexyness from an ‘F’ to ‘A+’ . Besides,  ties are more like official and manly. So when you put up those bad boys you look amazing and more manly which  is a great attraction for women. Not everyone wears a tie. So if that tie is on your neck , you just get out of that shitty average zone and look fine as f**k .