Can another social media replace “Facebook” ? 

Now we all know Google ,  Microsoft ,  Apple and Facebook for a while. The one thing that is in common among them is that all of them are first of their kind. Google is the first search engine,  Microsoft is the first company to create Windows operating system which is user friendly as well as easy enough for the general people to use,  Apple is the first tec company to make personalized computers with fixed OS. Same thing goes for Facebook as it is the first social media on the internet.

And first is first. There is a book called “Zero to one” by Peter Thiel that says, if you build something new it’s a rise on the positive ‘Y’ axis on the graph of success. And if you make a better version or develop something than it’s  a rise on the positive ‘X’ axis. The rise on the Y axis is called a ‘Zero to One’.  It means something new,  a new possibility,  a new opportunity, a new category.  On the other hand, a rise on the X axis means a more developed version of a previous idea.

Success comes with new ideas,  not with a developed one. So, as Facebook is the first social media it can’t  be replaced by another social media because every new social media would actually be a developed concept of Facebook. So, Facebook still remains on top of the list as it made the category of social media and brought it to the world.

Moreover , Facebook has managed to dominate in your personal life by tracking as much data as possible. Their messaging app called “Facebook Messenger” now gets on the top layer of your homescreen making everything less important whenever someone texts you. Not only with the appearance, but according to a recent study it is found that facebook has 25% more information of you than anything you have ever signed for including other social medias and physical places like your own office where you work.

In conclusion I’d like to say that, everything that is the first of it’s kind will remain the best of it’s kind. I’m Umar SK Pathan and I hope you find this article usefull. If you have any questions you can ask me on the comment section or text me on facebook. Peace.



Author: Umar SK Pathan

Computer Programmer, Blogger, Advertiser, Activist , Student Journalist

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