Top 8 things to do after SSC

  • 8 :Building your body: rmg-Facilities_Gym-hr.jpg

     Guys here’s the deal. You are spending your leisure time now. Pretty much eating , sleeping and going over the phone for the whole day. What effect do you think it would be on your body? Yup , you’re gonna be fat as fuck. And after 3 months you will be more like Shrek. So, get your ass hit up on a gym and build that hot body like a swag booster. You don’t have to be like a military workout monster. But a slight exercise on a regular basis is very good for your health.

  • 7 :Get to know the world:2dde288127ea2fdbfaadbae8cd094bea.jpg

    If I ask you how much do you know about the cultures that are outside of your country ,what would you say? For Bangladeshies the limit is up to Indian and western. But do you know there are many interesting cultures that are so amazing that you might even think to pack up and pay a visit right away? Well latin culture is one of them. The world is full of interesting facts . It feels so amazing to know them. Not only you feel like the world is a beautiful place but also you get smarter [which you can brag about too 😉 ]. So take that cellphone of yours and use that GOOGLE to check them right away.

  • 6 :Study a little bit:

    a08eb76f-c0e6-424b-9fda-fb4afb48b85e.jpgAfter these 3 months , how many months will you have left to finish your first year college? Yup, only 6 months. Do you think you can cover the study of the whole year within half of the time?  May be you can but not effectively. So don’t waste time. Buy some books of the subject that you are interested in and study for at least an hour every day. This would help you get excellent results in the future which feels amazing and also are beneficial for you’re future.

  • 5 :Try different hairstyles: New Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation.jpg

    While you were in school you might have seen some amazing supermodels with amazing hairstyles. Well if you’re not a bad kid like me , then you probably haven’t tried any of them.  Well kiddos, now is your chance. No teachers, no pain. Give your best shot. Try awesome new hairstyles that you think are cool. Be COOL.

  • 4 :Youtube :youtube-banner-big-3.png

    A lot of you guys have amazing talents. Some can sing , some are great gamers, some are dancers. All of us have some hidden talents. And now is the best chance to express yourself to the world. Create a youtube channel and show the world your talent. Go ahead and grab that fame. Life is too short to not be a famous person.

  • 3 :Build a passion:

    passion-quotes-about-love.jpgThis is one of the best things to do while the year break. You have plenty of time. Enough time to master any skill. So pick a skill and master it. You can learn anything from youtube. For example, I mastered some computer programming languages and animation. I am also blogging for a while now that you can see. Yours can be anything. Learn how to play a guitar or learn how to code. Just learn new skills and have a passion towards them. The world loves people that are skillfull. Be the best version of yourself.

  • 2 :Learn another language:iStock_000011138275XSmall1.jpg

    Well don’t you get bored to speak in only one specific language throughout your whole fuckin life? If yes, then learn another one. What’s more better to express your individuality than learning a new different language? There is an app called “Memrise”. It’s the best app to learn any language without memorizing even a single word. So give it a try.

  • 1 :Read Books:

    favorite_books_heart.jpgThis is by far the best thing you can do to spend the off time during this vacation. Knowledge is the most powerful thing in this world . And it’s the most sexy thing too. And reading books is the best way to acquire knowledge. Now many of you will blend it up when it comes to choosing books. A lot of you will go and choose some fucking story books that would be nothing but a waste of time. You cant acquire knowledge by reading stories, what are you, Cinderella? You have to read passionate books that would teach you something specific. Something deep that would give you power. And I just cant stop talking how important to read book is. If you want me to recommend then I would say read the book  “Rich Dad Poor Dad”- by Robert Kyosaki. It’s an amazing book that teaches you what rich people only teach their kids. It was 15 times the New York Bestseller.


So there were the 8 things that you can do after your exams. Hope you like it. And as always. Peace. BE COOL.


Author: Umar SK Pathan

Computer Programmer, Blogger, Advertiser, Activist , Student Journalist

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