Top 10 Accessories Man Needs

# 03 : A BEARD


Well, not everyone has a fine touchy beard. But those who do, this tip is for them.  A beard is pretty manly. It hides a lot of imperfections in your face and works like a man’s makeup. If you have a good shaped jaw line then you might not need it. Hpwever,  it is always a cool option. But a one foot long beard is unnecessary .  No one’s gonna like that , specially the ladies that you’re after. But grooming a fineass beard is always cool.

#02 : A Ring


Now I’m not talking about wedding rings  but a cool ring on your right hand is more like a symbol of awesomeness. There are different types of rings that you can find. So, go to the market and pickup a badass one . Now don’t wear more than one ring. And only wear a ring on your right hand’s ringfinger. If you pick up the left hand, then people will think you are married unless you really are.


Author: Umar SK Pathan

Computer Programmer, Blogger, Advertiser, Activist , Student Journalist

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