Top 10 Accessories Man Needs

#05 :  A Slim Wallet


Guys look , here’s the deal . If the wallet that you use, is like a big McDonalds Burger which is filled up with visiting cards and other bullshits rather than money, then it’s like a disaster . So, cool it down and use a slim wallet. Not only it will be easier to use but also it won’t screw up your pants outline.

#04 : Amazing Shoes


So much to say about this, but don’t wanna bore you up either.  Gentleman, a shoes are  like a trademark. This is one of the first things that people (mostly women) notice in your body. A great pair of shoes is like a headstart for your awesomeness. But there are different types of shoes for different outfits. Im going to cover an entire blog about shoes next week. So keep in touch.


Author: Umar SK Pathan

Computer Programmer, Blogger, Advertiser, Activist , Student Journalist

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