Top 10 Accessories Man Needs

#07 : A Wrist Watch


For man, watch is the best accessory that one can wear. And the good news is you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of money for a watch. There are plenty more options that are less expensive and boosts up your style. For a woman it’s one of the major attractions. So you must add a watch on your style list unless you’re Mark Zuckerburg.

#6 : A Great Pair Of Shades



Gentleman, you wanna look different? Then BOOM, wear a pair of shades . Not only they’re cool but it also gives a sudden change to your face that people start  to notice quite easily with wonder. You can buy a great pair of shades at the lowest cost of 10 bucks or 600 tk. Isn’t that cool? It fits your budget and makes you awesome. Talking about budget, here is no.5 .


Author: Umar SK Pathan

Computer Programmer, Blogger, Advertiser, Activist , Student Journalist

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